Peruvian (Full City) [ORGANIC]

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Peruvian (Full City) [ORGANIC]

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Origin - Peru

Location at Origin - Quellouno (Southern Peru)

Name of farm - Cooperative Agraria Cafetalera Jose Olaya

Grade - 2

Processing - Fully Washed

Certifications - USDA Organic, Fair Trade

Altitude - 4800-5200'

Cupping notes: Alkaline and smokey notes, subtle rich spice, deep body, medium/sparkling acidity

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About Aprocoyce

Aprocoyce is a small group operating in the Amazonas region in northern Peru. Wedged in between Cajamarca and San Martín, the area is prime for growing specialty coffee.  Currently there are over 280 small producers delivering to the group.  Each producer picks the coffee and processes it at the farm (often times with manual crank depulpers!).  The coffee is delivered to a local mill where it is then prepped for export.  The coffees are sorted once again for defects and then it is shipped.  One major challenge of the coffee supply chain in Peru is ensuring an on time delivery.  With infrastructure issues, constant delays, and exponential demand, our exporting partners are installing measures to further improve quality.  The group is planning to install covered drying beds for 100% of the partnering producers (currently 50% complete) over the next few years with the funds from social premiums and financial aid.  The goal is to make help producers properly dry their coffee before it reaches the dry mill.  Coffees from this region are often big bodied, sweet, with bright acidity.  Flavor notes of cocoa, dried fruit, and light citrus.  Coffees from Peru can either shine on their own or be solid anchors in blends.