Nicaragua El Porvenir (City+) [ORGANIC]

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Nicaragua El Porvenir (City+) [ORGANIC]

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Origin – Nicaragua

Location – El Porvenir

Name of Farm – El Porvenir Coffee Co-operative

Grade – 1

Processing method - Fully Washed, Sun Dried

Certification - USDA Organic, Bird Friendly, Fair-Trade

Altitude - 850-950m

Copping Notes – Nutty, mild, subtle spice

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In December of 2014, I was lucky enough to visit our friends at El Porvenir with Their-Bucks Coffee

The El Porvenir Coffee Co-operative is found in the mountains of northwest Nicaragua.  Members of this co-op (former Sandinista, Contra and Somoza fighter, all parties to the country’s brutal civil war) are now a model of social reconciliation.  United by their poverty, these 50 families grow some of the world’s best organic, shade-grown coffee.

El Porvenir is a two hour, bone jarring, four-wheel-drive trek away from civilization.  The 270 people live in a community with no electricity, no telephone, and only rain water.  They jointly own one vehicle, a 1972 Ford tractor.

The secret to their specialty Arabica coffee is the soil, the mountain climate, and their dedication to quality.  El Porvenir coffee is grown under migratory bird-friendly, rustic shade, hand picked and completely patio sun-dried.