Honduran (city+)

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Honduran (city+)

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Origin – Honduras

Location – Santa Barbara (Western Honduras)

Name of Farm – Cooperative San Antonio (12 small farms)

Grade – SHB EP

Processing method - Washed

Certification - Rain Forest Alliance & USDA Certified Organic

Altitude - 1200-1400 meters

Copping Notes – Sweet notes of honey and nuts complimented by a thick, juicy body and quite the pleasing aftertaste

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The cooperative of San Antonio benefits over 1500 families through direct and indirect initiatives including the development of community centers, schools, water management, reforestation projects and more. It specifically supports youth through education and scholarships for the children of the producers. 

The 12 Farms on the Cooperative...

  • El Carretal
  • El Cedro
  • La Casa
  • El Montecito
  • La Esperanza
  • El Mango
  • El Ocote
  • El Liquidambal
  • La Zorra
  • Pinabete
  • El Esfuerzo
  • El Cencila


The Grading of SHB EP stands for; Strictly Hard Bean, European Processed. Strictly Hard Bean is of the highest quality coffee coming from Honduras. European Process indicates additional hand sorting to reduce defect count leading to a higher grade coffee.