Organic Honduran (city+)

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Organic Honduran (city+)

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Origin – Honduras

Location – Marcala

Name of Farm – COMSA (read more below)

Altitude – 1400 – 1600 meters

Grade – SHB EP

Plant varietal – Lepira, Catui, Ihcafe 90

rocessing method - Washed

Certification - USDA Certified Organic

Rainy Season – May to Nov

Harvest Season – December to May

Flowering Season – February to May

Cupping notes – Floral, jasmine, sweet, very clean, great acidity

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COMSA is a coffee producers’ association in the Marcala Region, La Paz, Honduras, which aims to achieve economic, social and environmental objectives as a strategy for poverty reduction and the promotion of sustainable development.


“COMSA promotes the full transformation of people, through the implemation of values as justice, solidarity, peace and reconciliation of the human begun with cosmos, mother earth and itself” -COMSA


The Grading of SHB EP stands for; Strictly Hard Bean, European Processed. Strictly Hard Bean is of the highest quality coffee coming from Honduras. European Process indicates additional hand sorting to reduce defect count leading to a higher grade coffee.