Guatemala Antigua (Full City)

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Guatemala Antigua (Full City)

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Origin – Guatemala

Location at Origin – Antigua

Name of Farm – Finca Medina (17 people permanent staff)

Grade – Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) European Prep (EP)

Processing – Traditionally fully washed and sun dried

Area - 74 Acres on the outskirts of Antigua

Altitude – 1,400+ meters

Other - Strictly shade grown, sun dried

Cupping Notes – Bright acidity with rich, smooth, dark chocolate mouthfeel

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Founded in 1842, Finca Medina is located in the outskirts of Antigua Guatemala. It is a 74 acres estate that produces genuine Antigua coffee. At Finca Medina we incorporate high technology in the coffee production and milling process, while maintaining traditional work techniques, responding to our commitment to sustainability.

Since year 2000 Finca Medina has been a member the National Coffee Association and the Antigua Coffee Producers Association.

Finca Medina complies with sustainable production standards towards the environment and has several initiatives toward the preservation of the rainforest, and supports different programs aimed to improve the lives of the families that work in the estate. These initiatives and a constant involvement  with the local community, have granted us the following certifications:

  • Rainforest Alliance. Independently certified according to environmental and social standards, ensuring that the estate is conserving critical habitat for wildlife, reforesting, recycling and reducing waste. The families in certified farms benefit from better working conditions, environmental education, better housing, clean water and access to schools and medical care.
  • Utz Certified “Good inside”, is one of the largest sustainability worldwide programs: one-third of all coffee that is sustainably traded worldwide is certified by UTZ.  
  • Q Grade Certification, developed by the Coffee Quality Institute is an internationally recognized grading system for evaluating green coffee quality.

As coffee producers we value each individual’s contribution to the growing, processing and production that goes into each cup of coffee. Finca Medina’s Social Responsibility policy rests on the following pillars: Education, Healthcare and Community Services.

Finca Medina has 17 people as permanent staff and a population of migrant workers of 175 during harvesting season. We dedicate part of the company’s budget to fund training and educational activities for the workers: from the correct use of  protective equipment, teaching healthy practices   for the family, and taking care of the environment.  All of these are aimed to improve quality of life for our staff. We also provide study grants for employees and their children.

Finca Medina provides school assistance as well, aiding families with the payment of school registration, books and supplies for their children. We also help to pay for life insurance and medical
expenses for those who wish to apply.

Our facilities have been designed keeping in mind our staff and their daily performance, providing ample work-space, with access to the necessary tools and security equipment.  The company has established a plan for construction of new homes for the workers who live within the estate. Houses are built with adequate materials providing comfort, security and other commodities to our employees and their families.  Homes are provided with spacious rooms, a kitchen equipped with an O’neal stove, dining  room, shower, septic tank and absorption tank, and garden area.