El Salvador (City+)

El Salvador (City+)

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Origin – El Salvador

Location at Origin – Chalchupa, Santa Ana

Grade – Strictly High Grown

Processing – Fully Washed

Certification – Rainforest Alliance

Altitude – 1,200m

Cupping Notes – Mellow, Slightly Piquant

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El Majahual is the overall name for what used to be just one farm, but is now on the 3rd generation of the Murray Meza family and as such has been divided between kids and cousins. Roberto and his siblings own and run Majahual, Sierra Nevada belongs to Edward and Liliana, and Arturo Meza Hill owns La Florida. In a full season they might have 250 people come in to pick the coffee, so they offer facilities for the local community, staff and their families, such as a school, a kitchen and a health station with a full time nurse and a doctor twice per week. The pickers are paid by 25lb arroba (basket) and normally fill 5-6 arrobas per day from around 40 trees depending on yield and ripeness. The minimum wage is $1 per arroba, but Majahual pays $1.50 and expects the picking to be of ripe cherries only.