Somebody give me a KALE YEAH! "C" you soon

If in our daily life we can smile, if we can be peaceful and happy, not only we, but everyone will profit from it. This is the most basic kind of peace work.


Work toward peace this week and give someone a smile; your’s won’t diminish with the sharing, but you may just make someone else day.  

This week we have a special Kale salad, our creative peeps in the kitchen are working on.   All we can say about that is KALE YEAH! 


What is happening this week you ask…

3/24-Thursday 4pm The Middle Schoolers at SHEEP would like to present their sculpture “Color Nova” inspired by Dale Chihuly’s art.

Open Mic Night hosted byFleming Moore 7pm-9:30pm   Come on out and experience something new and exciting every week.  Talented musicians from all over the area come and share their gifts and flair with you the audience. You never know who will show up.

3/25-Shelby Raye 7pm-9pm Shelby Raye is not your typical teenager. She’s a mature, strong-willed young woman whose passion for music of all genres has burned a hole in her soul which she consistently seeks to fill with new experiences and sounds. Since she was two years old, Shelby Raye has been performing on one level or another. In 2013, she decided she was ready to begin pursuing music as a legitimate career. Her journey has taken her from karaoke bars, to USO Events, to being one of the opening acts for Sheryl Crow, Ricky Young and Cody Webb. She is currently working on her very first EP featuring all new original material; a project spawned by her recent trip to Nashville where she was able to sit in with Nashville Singer-Songwriter J Edwards in many venues around Broadway.

At fifteen, she is finally old enough to compete on the NBC reality show, The Voice. In January 2016, she and her family will travel to Memphis, Tennessee for her first audition. Whether she is a finalist in the show or not remains to be seen - but rest assured this girl will be giving it her all.

There is no stopping this pint-sized powerhouse vocalist who strives to bring her unique style and quirky personality to the masses. But don’t let that pretty face and melodic voice fool you – this young lady knows exactly where she’s going and she won’t let anything stand in her way. She’s often quoted as saying “There is no Plan B. Music is the only focal point I know”. We believe her. Stay tuned for more great things from Shelby Raye.

3/26 Saturday

Last Winter’s Farmers Market of 2016 9am-1pm Come out and support so many of the local farmers from our area that provide us with nutritious and delicious food all spring, summer and fall.  

Cookies and Canvas 3pm-5pm Children love to paint and parents love to see their budding Picasso create a stunning work of art.  Join us on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month.  Tickets are $20 and your child gets all the supplies and instructions they need.  Parents can sit back relax, have a cup of coffee, tea, mimosa or beer while their miniature Monet paints a Masterpiece.

Don't forget to sign up  HERE

Double Nought Spies 7pm-9pm The Double Nought Spies have cracked the code to good times and great rock and roll – and they know all about your musical needs. Whether you want it loud and raucous or cool, light, and breezy, the Double Noughts will deliver the goods --  intricate bass/drum rhythm patterns interwoven with tasty guitar work against a background of spot-on, soaring harmony vocals.In fact, one never knows how each mission will unfold. It may be Ed and Jim and two or three guitars. It may Ed, Jim, Kim and Mike unplugged but rockin' on -- or it may be the four plugged in and in your face. With a set list that comes from the best parts of all your album stacks, you never know what they will come up with next.

And here’s a look at what is coming up…

3/31-Open Mic

4/1-Addison Johnson

4/2-Susie Summers

4/6-Night Cap Yoga

4/7-Open Mic

4/8-Two Common

4/9-Summerville Farmers Market

Cookies and Canvas

Joseph Tedesco

4/13-Wine and Canvas

4/14-Open Mic

4/15-Forty Mile Detour

4/16-Summerville Farmers Market

Sons of Kennedy by Kisha Johnson book signing


4/20-Night Cap Yoga

4/21-Open Mic

4/22-Tristina Miller

4/23-Summerville Farmers Market

Cookies and Canvas

Todd Washko