A little sumthin' sumthin' for you at the "C"

If you want to cure the world, don't emanate fear - emanate love.


Ram Dass



I have heard it said that hate is not the absence of love, fear is.  Hate is a desperate cry for love.  We often fear that which we do not know.  How about learning something new this week?  How about reaching out and learning about the person you see everyday, but never speak to? Someone new perhaps who isn’t like you, but different.  We need not fear our differences, but embrace them for what they are.   Neither of us are right or wrong, just different…and different is never something we should be afraid of.  




What is happening this week you ask…

7/8-Wednesday 6:30pm-9:30pm Wine and  Canvas Think of it as the painting class with beverages. No talent or equipment required. You just show up and BAM you are an artist. What a great way to share an evening out with your friends. Tickets are $35 and that entitles you to all your supplies and 10% off your beverages for the evening.

Click the link to register so we know how many to prepare for.


7/9 Thursday, 7pm-9pm Open Mic Night hosted by Fleming Moore Come on out and experience something new and exciting every week.  Talented musicians from all over the area come and share their gifts and flair with you the audience. You never know who will show up.

7/9 Thursday, 7pm-9pm Spoken Word hosted by Chris “Chuck” Skipper Spoken Word will be on Thursdays from 7 PM to 9 PM. It will bring performers and anyone interested in live performance to the forefront and give them a warm and inviting space to simply perform written word and give it a voice, to hone their craft, or to get feedback from other performers. Monologues, scenes, and readings of all kind are encouraged and facilitated! It will be spearheaded and conducted by Chris Skipper, the artistic director of the up and coming Greek To Me Repertory theatre group. Come out and get your creative juices flowing!

7/10-Friday, 7pm-9pm David Berry Dave has a wide range of musical genre that he plays and is not afraid to get the audience up and dancing.  Come interact with Dave as he hands out his song list and percussion instrument.  Not only do you get to help pick the songs, you get to play in the band as well.  http://www.dberry.net


7/11 Saturday 8am-1pm find us at the Summerville Farmers Market located in the parking lot of First Citizens bank by the parking garage.


7/11 Cookies and Canvas 11-2pm Children love to paint and parents love to see their budding Picasso create a stunning work of art.  Join us on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month.  Tickets are $20 and your child gets all the supplies and instructions they need.  Parents can sit back relax, have a cup of coffee, tea, mimosa or beer while their miniature Monet paints a Masterpiece.

Don't forget to sign up  HERE


7/11 Saturday 6pm-8pm Tom Strickland  Tom is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from Glasgow West Virginia (about 25 miles east of Charleston).  Tom started playing guitar taught to him by his mother as a teenager.  He soon joined his first band and started playing at local bars and restaurants in the Charleston area.  He discovered his love for song writing and even had a local hit on the radio back in the 70’s.  He has been compared to John Denver and James Taylor.  He has been referred to as “the walking juke box”, because he can usually perform just about anything requested by his audience. Tom moved to Ladson South Carolina back in 2000 and has enjoyed performing with local musicians as well as a solo artist. 




And here is a look ahead…

7/15-NIght Cap Yoga

7/16-Open Mic

     Spoken Word

7/17-Zan Daes

7/18-W. Michael Freund

7/23-Open Mic

     Spoken Word



7/29-Night Cap Yoga

7/30-Open Mic

     Spoken Word

7/31-Trey Nelson(Hip Hop-Rap)

8/1-Susie Summers Duo

8/5-Wine and Canvas

8/6-Open Mic

     Spoken Word

8/7-Tom Mackall

8/8-Cookies and Canvas

    Double Naught Spies