Our team


How does a guy go from a large corporate company to a local coffee roaster? Let's just say he woke up one morning and realized someone had to support his wife's coffee habit, so the quest to change career paths ensued. His passion to produce the best cup you've ever had started with a short apprenticeship with a coffee roaster in upstate NY and continues after moving to Summerville with his family with his mentor and friend Francisco Davila. Brad can usually be found at the shop and most Saturdays at the Summerville Farmers market. On the rare occasion he isn't learning how to improve the coffee experience he can be found near the ocean with his family enjoying the water and all it brings. He and Francisco and the rest of the family are improving the coffee experience and always welcome visitors in the shop or on the road. If you ask him his favorite way to drink coffee he will promote the pour over. He will enjoy a fresh cup from the airpot that is always available at the shop but always black.


Nursing and coffee go hand and hand, so it was a no brainer when Brad shared the idea of starting a coffee roasting company. Secretly Jacki thought, "Yes, free coffee for me!" She does a lot of the work behind the scenes, but can usually be found at the Summerville Farmers market on Saturdays. She too enjoys the water with the family and traveling to the Northeast to visit with family and friends. How does Jacki like her coffee? Hot, cold, with or with out ice, latte, cappuccino, black or espresso, as long as the beans come from Coastal Coffee Roasters.


Being the oldest of all the children in the Mallett clan, he is perfecting his skills. He has roasted with his dad and Francisco and made cappuccinos with his mom. In his free time he enjoys cross country and soccer. Richard likes his coffee to match his mood, black when he needs a boost and latte when he is ready to kick back.


Is the only girl and takes her position very seriously. When it comes to manual labor she is quick to think of something else to do; but when it comes to baking, the rest of us volunteer to take over her portion of the work so we can enjoy her baked goods. She specializes in oatmeal chocolate chip and brownies. This is no Duncan Hines baker, she is strictly from scratch. Her coffee favorite is a Latte or a Chai Tea Latte.


The youngest of the Mallett children, is also the greatest salesman. He handed out business cards to ever member of his class and sought out teachers he saw walking around with coffee cups. No one gets past Ryan at the Farmers Market. He asks everyone if they want a cup and if they are hesitant he will convince them to give it a shot. Ryan's favorite coffee, Iced Mochacinno made with Colombian coffee.