July 2011

Friendly Faces

coffee image

When we decided to up root our family and move to the wonderful town of Summerville, it was not a decision we took lightly.  We moved our children away from their friends and, not to mention we moved from them too.  We lived in a wonderful community and were a part of many great things there.  

Our family has adjusted nicely. The kids have made new friends, mom and dad have too. (We still miss those we left.)

Everybody loves the Iced Mochacinno

coffee image

There are two incredible flavors in this world; Brad's Iced Coffee and Turner's Farm Fresh chocolate milk.  Light bulb...let's combine the two and see what happens.  

Aah, the Iced Mochacinno is born.  We take Iced coffee, Turners chocolate milk and some fresh wiped cream and it is a creation to put a smile on anyone's face.  Just look at these two girls enjoying their Iced Mochacinno.